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Chiropractic power that made the body heals the body above down inside out

Chiropractic care was officially started by D.D. Palmer in 1895 and has continued on to this day despite the full court press by the medical society to wipe out the profession.  The theory is that the power that made the body heals the body.  We call this innate ( inborn, natural) force when allowed full communication with body will heal the body.

The nervous system controls all functions of the body down to the cellular level when there is no impeding force, but when the nervous system or the body is not allowed to communicate ( garbled communication, no communication, weak communication) the body is unable to repair damaged cells.  Damaged cells make up tissues and organs.  If this continues on long enough, not only can this lead toward pain, but malfunctioning of organs ( heart, lungs, kidneys, gonads ).

Chiropractic interacts with Nervous System

Nervous System with Chiropractic Communicates with Entire Body.

Most patients come to our office as if it is a pain clinic (sad to say ).  I say sad, because the majority of patients don’t realize when pain occurs, the problem has been there longer than they realize and finally the pain lot has “ popped on.”  Patients come in complaining of lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain not realizing that 60% nerve function has to be lost before the pain light every pops on.  As a matter of fact, the studies done by, researcher show that the weight of a dime is enough to cause miscommunication of the nervous system with the rest of the body.  This same researcher has shown that the weight of a quarter on the nerve and a person will feel pain; for instance headaches.

How does chiropractic adjustments work?  Imagine a rubber band wrapped around your thumb ever so slightly.  Leave on your thumb for about a minute and you will notice that it starts to turn red.  Leave it on for another minute and you will notice that your thumb starts to pulse.  Imagine that is a nerve that comes out your neck and goes to your hand, your heart, your thyroid, your etc.  Imagine instead of taking the rubber band off you massage your thumb.  Or how about take some pain killers and muscle relaxors?  Or how about we do some exercises ( physical therapy).  On a side note, it has been shown that people that are in car accidents fair better with chiropractic care than with physical therapy.  The outcome for physical therapy is poor while with chiropractic is good and with both used the outcome is great.

Thumb equal nerve going to body

Rubber band equal weight of dime on nervous system

Imagine that rubber band wrapped around your thumb for weeks, years, and decades.  Imagine taking pain killers, steroid shots, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, meditation, yada yada yada instead of simply taking off the rubber band ( chiropractic adjustment).


The medical society along with the drug companies have done their best to downplay the power of chiropractors and the results they can achieve.  Maybe you need some social proof?  Why don’t you take a look on Google and Facebook to see your medical doctor’s reviews and then compare them to your chiropractor’s Google and Facebook reviews.  Most medical doctor’s office’s reviews are mediocre at best and most hospitals reviews are atrocious.

Natural health care is what we offer and we offer it in abudance.

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